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Domain & Hosting

Domain & Hosting

Quick, safe and consistent Domain & Hosting

You are in safe hands while you choose our domain & hosting platform as we will keep your website up to date and we will easily publish the website without any delay. We regularly keep posted both software and plugins in the best security possible for your website.

What is a Domain?

The name of your website is known as the domain. It is an address where the users will search for you on the online platforms/search engines. A domain name used for identifying a particular website. Domain names, established to make it easier for humans to remember the website. It developed because people could not remember a series of numbers that are known as IP addresses. A domain name can be an amalgamation of letters and numbers and there are various extensions, with which a domain name can be taken, for instance, .com, .net and various others. It is essential to register a domain name before its use, and every domain name has to be unique. It should be able to define your business or your reason to come up with a website.

What is a hosting?

Web hosting is a service that gives access to a website of an organisation or an individual to put up their website on the internet. A web hosting service provider sells technologies and services required by a website or a web page. Servers required to host the websites. The server acts as a connection medium for the users' computer who is browsing your website. You must own a domain to get in touch with a hosting provider, or the hosting firm will help you provide the domain name.

We care about our clients and our goal is to maintain long-term relationships, which is why we are always ready to serve you and help you in fixing the issues. It is important to look after your website post its launch as it might face various glitches and therefore we are available at your service. It is the same case as of a car, once you buy it you have to regularly get it serviced. So it is important to maintain your website, its domain, and hosting.